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Aerators and Mixers

HIGRA’s line of submersible aerators and mixers is designed and manufactured in accordance with the main quality, environmental, health and safety standards. All materials are 100% recyclable and developed to meet the needs of the effluent treatment market. Among the main operational advantages of the product are high oxygen uptake, excellent mixing range, elimination of particle emission in the atmosphere and low operating noise level. The innovative design provides better hydropower efficiency, with excellent rates of energy savings. For continuous performance improvement HIGRA uses the most modern hydrodynamic simulation tools, always seeking the best cost-benefit for the user.

Characteristics and Operation Concept

Aerators and Mixers Line

Tornado Aerator

The advantage of the Tornado Aerator is the ability to mix and oxygenate deep ponds and tanks due to the possibility to have the pumped flux inclined in 15 or 30° angles. Such inclination leads the pumped flux to make a descendant parabola homogenizing the bottom of the tank thoroughly.

The air bubbles are directed straight to the tank bottom and remain in contact with the effluent for a larger time, resulting great oxygenation. For the pumping flux is one direction only, this equipment allows different ways of disposition in the tank, fitting the existing geometry and promoting a thorough mixing and oxygenation, incorporating up to 55% of the admitted oxygen.

Biturbo Tornado Aerator

The Biturbo Tornado Aerator has been designed to work in treatment stations where the tank geometry does not demand an inclined equipment. For having two helixes assembled in opposite directions the capacity of mixing and transferring oxygen is elevated when compared to the conventional model. Pumping operation in two opposite directions eliminates the pumping thrust, reducing the floating structure. This model offers high oxygenation capacity associated to a simple and low cost structure. The oxygen transference rate is up to 75%.

Rotary Biturbo Tornado Aerator

The Rotary Biturbo Tornado Aerator was designed to achieve the best aeration and mixing energy utilization for effluent treatment. Under the same concept of pumping and aspirating air, applied to the Tornado line, this equipment works with two helixes distributed in opposite ways, mounted over the same shaft and driven by the same electric motor. This way the traction load conducted by a helix is balanced by the opposite one, making the floating set more compact and easy to install, since there is no need to support the aerator thrust.

Besides pumping in two opposite directions this model is equipped with a rotational system making a 360° radius mixture area. By pumping in two opposite directions, summing the rotational system, one aerator can mix a larger area and efficiency up to 45% higher than the conventional ones, with the same power. For being an equipment that constantly changes the working position, its capacity for transferring and fixating the aspirated microbubbles reaches up to 80%.

THS Line

The THS mixer range has been developed to meet treatment processes that require only homogenization of the liquid mass. This equipment is assembled held by a float system or over metallic skid at the bottom of the tank. Equipped with an axial rotor and a diffuser, mixers use all their power capacity to move the fluid through high pumped volumes.

Mixer THS

Mixer THS Biturbo