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Amphibious Pump

The amphibious pumping concept is a pioneer and exclusive development of HIGRA. The ability to operate in and out of the water with the same equipment is a consequence of the engineering design, where the water flow is admitted by the axial suction flanged, passing through the centrifugal rotor and along the motor. This system guarantees excellent thermal exchange, low noise emission (less than 60db), installation versatility, low maintenance and high energy efficiency of the set.

The amphibious pump concept in the pump stations is an alternative of the market for those looking for the best cost x benefit.

Main Features






Pump Styles

Single Stage Radial Pump I High Presure

Flow Rate: 15 m3/h to 2600m3/h

Power: 10 to 750Hp

Pressure: up to 80 mH2O

Multiple Stage Radial Pump I High Pressure

Flow Rate: 14 to 2000 m3/h

Power: 15 to 600Hp

Pressure: up to 295 mH2O

Single & Multiple Stage Pump I Alto Flow Rate

Flow Rate: 120 to 2500 m³/h

Power: 12 to 600 Hp

Pressure: Up to 50 mH2O

Semi-Axial Pump I High Flow Rate / Low Pressure

Flow Rate: 1200 to 6000 m³/h

Power: 75 to 300 Hp

Pressure: Up to 18 mH2O

Ways of Installation

Over floats


In line "booster"

Partially submerged