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We Work in the Areas

Water catchment
Basic sanitation
Renewable energy sources generation
Hydropower efficiency


Worldwide reference for Amphibious Turbine, Amphibious Pumps and Submersible Aerators and Mixers, HIGRA joins innovation and sustainability to a team of experts over 40 year experienced in this field. Aiming customers’ needs and adding value, HIGRA is known for providing turnkey solutions of high hydro energetic efficiency, ease of instalation, low upkeep, among others.

Located in South of Brazil, HIGRA acts for solutions in water catchment, irrigation, basic saniation, usines, mining and industries areas, in several aplications. Following the quality standards required by the Integrated Sustainability Management System, its equipment offers high technology in pumping and water treatment systems.

All company activities are based on sustainability pillars, from product manufacturing to customer application. Field situations are simulated by the latest software to ensure the best performance results. All products pass a battery of hard tests in the Hydropower Tests Lab for a real performance test prior to installation on the client.

Business Units

HIGRA is divided into Strategic Business Units, which consists of more focused and efficient activities with specific objectives. Know each one of them:

Focused on the development, research and application of technologies to offer innovative solutions to the market, this unit also performs computer simulations, provides trainings and technical workshops, do field visits, and looks for solutions to complex engineering problems. For this, it has a specialized team and state-of-the-art technology.


Responsible for the sale and production of equipment, consisting of the areas of machining, assembly, winding, finishing, warehousing, dispatch and laboratory of hydroenergetic tests. also contemplates the Engineering area, aiming at the continuous improvement of products, methods and processes, which is made official through performance tests in 100% of the manufactured equipment.



The unit of budget engineering, executive engineering and operations engineering is responsible for delivering complete water pumping systems, maximizing operational performance through differentiated accessories and designs. It works to present several benefits from the implementation of the Hydroenergetic Efficiency and Management Program and also to reduce losses, aiming to provide the user a lower total cost of acquisition with a shortest return on investment.

It is the unit that offers consulting and service provision shared with the entire HIGRA group. It counts on a team committed to presenting measurable and sustainable results, comprised by the areas of Marketing, IT, Human Resources, Quality, Financial, Purchasing, Controllership and Costs, Industrial Maintenance and Integrated Management System of Innovation and Sustainability.

This unit counts on a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals of management, sales and technical service. The action includes the corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance of the equipment through the sale of parts, services, contracts and the qualification of the network of authorized technical assistance. For this, there´s the Qualification Center located inside the HIGRA factory.

HIGRA Export is dedicated to bringing the brand and technology of HIGRA to the world. This unit is responsible for creating business strategies to expand the international market, create action plans and act directly with representatives and distributors of all locations outside Brazil in order to ensure technical quality and commercial support to all our customers.

Our Projects

  • Mixers | Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil

  • Tornado Aerator | SABESP em Tupã/SP

  • Irrigation | Barragem de Sobradinho DINC

    Amphibious Pumps

Hidropower Efficiency

  • Hydraulic Revenues up to


  • Average energy savings


  • Electric motors with up to


  • Low noise emission


Clean energy is energy saved. Improving energy efficiency in all products is one of the major differences of Higra in the market. All this can be measured and proven by means of tests in the Laboratory of Hydroenergetic Testing, where specific performance curves are generated for hydraulic and energy tests in 100% of their equipment.


Our Values

We believe that one drop is enough to start a change. By offering solutions for water treatment and water loss reduction, we want to help build a better and more sustainable world for all.


Our Compromise

  • Constant innovation in our products and services

  • Products systems with high energy efficiency

  • Management with total transparency

  • Specialized team

  • Social and environmental responsibility


Our Clients

Our solutions aim to add value, give return and profit to our client's business through differentials such as the high hydro-energy efficiency of our equipment, ease of installation, lower maintenance rate, low noise emission and adaptation to the environment.



Used as the standard required by our customers in all our products and processes.


Our Professionals

The HIGRA professional is fundamental to the company. Through our pioneering 'Zero Boss' management system, which has no hierarchy of command, our team is constantly inspired to think outside the box and seek innovative solutions to the products and processes.



Use of the natural resources in a responsible way and contribution to the decrease of pollution in the environment.



As the driving force of our efforts to always seek the best.



To different points of view and to the environment that welcomes us.


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Contact and Location

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    (51) 3778-2929


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    Rua Dilceu Elias de Moura 345, Arroio da Manteiga
    São Leopoldo/RS - Brasil

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